Learning to make dumplings


Last night a friend walked me through the steps of making dumplings, or jiaozi, a surprisingly easy feat considering how delicious they are. We made your standard pork dumplings, heavy on the garlic, ginger, mushrooms, and shallots; a Thai version with lots of lemon grass and coriander, and you’ll notice the peanut coconut milk sauce in the saucepan photographed below to accompany it; and a Mexican variation, for which my friend blended up a salsa and pulled out the Sriracha! So it was anything but a traditional dumpling night, but oh, so good! We made the dough and hand-rolled the dumplings and everything! Expect me to be whipping up dumplings like nobody’s business when I am back in the States. Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard, I will be back MUCH earlier than expected! Catch me somewhere between Walla Walla, Seattle, and Portland for a six-week stint starting June 29. I may be seen carrying plates of these little guys, who knows… 😉

6.23.15 Making dumplings with Sarz 11 6.23.15 Making dumplings with Sarz 12

6.23.15 Making dumplings with Sarz 13  6.23.15 Making dumplings with Sarz 9

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